It may reduce your flood insurance premium.
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National Flood Insurance Program – FEMA Elevation Certificate

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was enacted by Congress in 1968 to
identify special hazard floodplains and create flooding risk zones. As such, the public
could purchase flood insurance for their homes at affordable rates through the federal
government as underwriter. NFIP requires lenders to determine if buildings they lend
money on are in special hazard flood plain.  If so, then flood insurance is required. The
intent of NFIP is mandatory flood insurance for buildings in Special Flood Hazard Areas
(SFHA), also known as 100-year flood zones, so flood insurance premiums are kept
affordable. NFIP is a self-sustaining program for public benefit.

The SFHA are mapped by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), so
lenders to see if a building is in the SFHA. When a building falls inside the SFHA,
insurance is mandatory for federally backed home loans. SFHA maps also depict areas
of moderate flooding hazards called 100-to-500-year flood zones.  In these moderate
zones, your lender may also require flood insurance in to protect their loan. These
SFHA maps can be inspected at most city offices, if your city is in the NFIP program.

To comply with NFIP, the land surveyor prepares an ELEVATION CERTIFICATE, with
topographic and building elevation information, required by the Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA), to process Letters of Map Amendment ( LOMA )or
Letters of Map Revision.

Further information on NFIP can be found at FEMA at
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